New polish to the Dynamicweb Filemanager

In my review of the new Dynamicweb 7 beta release, I have also been looking at the new polish that is added to the file manager. As you probably know, the file manager is a very integral part of Dynamicweb CMS.

First of all, the filemanager has adopted the new look and feel. This means new CSS, and a nicer appearance. A clever thing is that the page navigation is removed, when you click the file manager – leaving more space for the file manager.

More importantly, though, is the new features:

  • View files in thumbnail view
  • Image editor
  • Upload manager

View files in thumbnail view


The thumbnail view allows you to view images as thumbnails - making it much more easy to find relevant pictures

In the current version of Dynamicweb, you had to find pictures by the file name. If you weren’t sure that the picture was the right one, you could click the picture, and a small preview would appear.

The new version of Dynamicweb improves this by enabling you to view all images as thumbnails – allowing you to quickly find the picture you need. Maybe this is a small change, but I would classify it as a huge improvement. It also allows you to view information about the picture – e.g. picture dimensions as well as size.

Of course, it is still possible to use the old list view, and you can also choose different types of the thumbnail view. E.g. different thumbnail sizes.

Image editor

The new image editor in Dynamicweb 7

The new image editor in Dynamicweb 7

A “new” image editor is included in the next version. I write “new” because I’m really sure that it is new?!? The feature includes the possibillity of:

  • Crop selection
  • Resize selection
  • Resize
  • Rotate and flip
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation

However, I believe that these features were also available in the existing version of Dynamicweb. So are the “new” features just bells and whistles?

Upload Manager

The new upload manager in Dynamicweb

The new upload manager in Dynamicweb

The new upload manager includes useful features like the possibility of choosing whether or not to overwrite existing files and the possibility to resize images on upload. You can also upload and unzip a zipped archieve.

However, it seems that the current versions ability to bulk upload an entire folder has been removed? Instead, you have to select multiple files and then upload in bulk.

Note: the best part of the new upload functionality is that it actually works in Firefox. 😉


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