Using Google Site Search in Dynamicweb and Synkron Via

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could harness the great search power of Google in a Dynamicweb or Synkron Via website? After all, we know that approximately 70 % of all website users navigate the website primarily by using the site search.

Well, now you can. We at Bleau decided to implement this as a feature in Dynamicweb CMS and Synkron Via CMS.

Even though Dynamicweb CMS comes with a standard search module (Via does not), there are still some major benefits in using Google Site Search. Obviously, when you compare search results, you will find that in most cases the Google Site Search finds and ranks pages more accurately. On top of that, you will also find that Google does it more quickly. So by using the Google Site Search, you will be able to help users to find relevant material more efficiently and thus offer a better service.

We also utilize a great feature in Google Site Search. You are able to add multiple domain names to the search. This means, that if you have multiple websites, you can search the content of all these sites at once. We have a number of customers that have several websites – some of them aren’t even made with the same Content Management System – and they wanted their users to be able to search these sites at once from one search box. You may think that adding several websites to the search would result in a lot of irrelevant hits, but remember – this is Google! They know how to filter out irrelevant search results, and if you’re not happy, you can always use predefined filters that will assist your users in getting a more accurate search result.

Of course, the Google Site Search only works if the website/page is available for Googles crawler. In case of an intranet, you would still have to use the standard Dynamicweb search module, or buy a Google search server.

If you would like to try the Google Site Search, then go to our website: The search form is located at the top to the right.


2 thoughts on “Using Google Site Search in Dynamicweb and Synkron Via

  1. Hi Peter, sounds interesting with your Google Site Search feature.

    Just a quick correction though. Synkron Via is certainly shipped with a very powerfull standard search engine. Synkron Via Search indexes website pages as well as content in PDF or MS Office files.

    Synkron Via Search even respects security settings and is therefore perfect for using on intranets and extranets. The search result page will only display results that the current user is authorized to view.

    Furthermore you can extend the Synkron Via Search module to index content from third party modules as well.

    Rasmus Bollerup, ILLUMI

  2. Well, this is embarrassing. I stand corrected. You’re right – Via does come with its own search engine. However, I still believe – as some of our Via customers do – that the Google Site Search engine is more accurate.

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