Use Quirck Searchstatus plugin for Firefox to get quick information about the performance of your website

I love Firefox! After I finally decided to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox several years ago, I’ve never looked back.

One reason for this is the amazing number of plugins that you can download and install. Such a plugin is Quirk Searchstatus, which allows you to obtain a great deal of information about how well a particular website is performing in search engines.

In Bleau, we have developed integration with Google Site Search ( The module makes it possible to use Googles search engine in a Dynamicweb CMS or Via CMS website – instead of the built-in modules in these CMS-products. The search result is presented 100% in the site’s normal layout.

But it goes without saying that if you use Google’s search engine to provide search capabilities on your own website, you must also be interested in how well Google indexes pages.

Dynamicweb CMS has a built-in SEO module, but it still requires that you must log in to the administration. And the SEO module will not tell you everything. If you want to know exactly what is happening, then you should go directly to Google instead. Google provides – as most know – the opportunity to enter various parameters that enable us to get more information about a domain. For example “site:”. But in a busy working day you will like to have quick access to that information. Therefore, it is much easier just to get the information from a menu in your browser.

The Quirk Searchstatus bar in Firefox

Quick Searchstatus is a small plugin, which resides in the bottom right corner. From there you can quickly check information such as PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and MozRank. From a right-click context menu you can access the following functions:

  • Show Indexed Pages
    Gets a list of all indexed pages on the domain. You can choose to display information from Google, Yahoo, Bing or all at once. The results are displayed in new tabs in Firefox.
  • Show Backward Links
    Gets a list of all links pointing back to the website. Either links pointing back to the domain or links pointing back to this particular page. You can also determine whether to exclude internal links and you can select the search engines you want the information from.

There are also other cool features:

  • Highlight Nofollow Links
    This feature marks all links on the page that has the attribute “nofollow”. This is probably not as interesting on a Dynamicweb page, but could be interesting, if for example using other people’s blogs and discussion forums to promote a website.
  • Link Report
    Displays a report about all links on the page.
  • Meta Tags
    Displays a list of all meta data on the page.
  • Show Robots.txt
    Accesses and displays robots.txt
  • Show sitemap.xml
    Accesses and displays sitemap.xml

Of course, you can easily gather the above mentioned information from various sources. But the smart thing is that now this information is quickly accessible from one menu in my browser.

You can get the Quick Searchstatus plugin from here:

What about you? What is your favourite Firefox plugin for SEO?


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