Validating links in Dynamicweb CMS

Dynamicweb Link Management is one of the less successful modules in Dynamicweb CMS. Firstly, it has had the habit of timing out on larger solutions, and secondly it is not particularly useful at sites with more than one editor. The module is simply not very useful on larger sites.

I checked the Dynamicweb product roadmap, and I quickly concluded that currently Dynamicweb hasn’t got any plans of improving the Link Management module.

Therefore, Bleau – which is the company I work for – developed a new module, which initially will be installed at a new website developed for one of our new customers within the municipal sector. The module is relatively simple from the motto “less is more”, but has the following features:

* All links on all pages are scanned automatically – the module can be configured to run regularly – for example, every Sunday night.
* From the configuration you can determine which websites / language layers that is included in the scan. You can also change the timeout settings and the HTTP status codes the module responds to.
* The module sends a report to the user who entered the incorrect link. The module will also send a comprehensive report to the webmaster.

Obviously there is software that can be downloaded and can do the same as this module – with the exception of the following:

* The module sends an email to the person who is in charge of the page.
* The module can scan password-protected pages

Therefore, this module will automate some of the routine tasks for the webmaster and the editors.

Let me know if you’re interested in the module.

And this is a hint for Dynamicweb Software: When do you plan on etablishing a module marketplace? If you had one, I wouldn’t have to shamelessly promote my new modules on my blog. 🙂


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