Executing code when all templates have been included – AngularJS

Sometimes, you want to be able to execute code when all the templates have been included in AngularJS using the ng-include attribute. Perhaps, you want to manipulate the inserted HTML…

AngularJS doesn’t provide a method to handle this out of the box, so instead you have to implement it yourself. This is done by utilizing the $includeContentLoaded event, which is fired each time one template has been loaded. Just like the following codesnippet:

scope.$on('$includeContentLoaded', function(event) {
    if (renderedcount == itemmax) {
        // Crappy hack!
    console.log('another include was loaded', event.targetScope);

Don’t mind the “Crappy hack”-comment…This is just me telling myself, that I should probably refactor this code at some point…*ahem*….

But anyway, you subscribe to the $includeContentLoaded-event, and keep track of all the templates by using a simple counter. When all templates are loaded, you execute the code – which in this instance is jQuery to manipulate the inserted HTML.

It would be nice to have this feature in AngularJS itself – but unfortunately it isn’t. But this way, you can still get what you want…


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