Create an AngularJS datefilter to properly display JSON date strings

Working with AngularJS often puts me in a situation where I need to deal with date strings in JSON returned from some .net server and looking like the following:


The string returned here represents the date in milliseconds and before you can use this date in your application, you need to convert it properly. Luckily, in AngularJS you can just create a custom filter like the following:

app.filter("dateFilter", function () {
    return function (item) {
        if (item != null) {
            return new Date(parseInt(item.substr(6)));
        return "";

You can then use the filter in the following way in your HTML:

    <tr ng-repeat="t in Result">
        <td>{{t.Date | dateFilter | date:"dd-MM-yyyy"}}</td>

You can see here that first I convert the JSON date string to a real date, and then I just use the regular date-filter in AngularJS in order to properly format it.


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