Filtering AngularJS items based on start and end date

There are cases where you would like to filter existing items in an AngularJS ng-repeat and only display the items where the date of the item is between any given start and end date. The following code accomplish that – please notice that I have only tested this with AngularJS version 1.2.22 and also notice that I use moment.js for the parsing of the date.

The following code is the filter – put this into a controller:

    // Daterange filter
    $scope.dateRangeFilter = function (property, startDate, endDate) {
        return function (item) {
            if (item[property] === null) return false;

            var itemDate = moment(item[property]);
            var s = moment(startDate, "DD-MM-YYYY");
            var e = moment(endDate, "DD-MM-YYYY");

            if (itemDate >= s && itemDate <= e) return true;
            return false;

And then – in your ng-repeat – you insert the following code:

    <tr ng-repeat="t in Result | filter: dateRangeFilter('itemDate', startDate, endDate)">
        <td><a ng-href="mailto:{{t.Email1}}">{{t.Email1}}</a></td>
        <td>{{t.itemDate | dateFilter | date:"dd-MM-yyyy"}}</td>

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